Frequently Asked Questions

1. Use quality proxies servers.

The problem: if you log in to multiple accounts with 1 ip address, then all of your accounts can be blocked..

The solution: use high-quality proxies servers. Qualitative proxies (ip-addresses) in this case are individual IPv4 proxies servers (Make sure you have exclusive access).

What shouldn’t be done:

-Do not use batch proxies servers like fineproxy, proxymir, etc.

-Do not use browser based applications to change the ip with for example: Hola, FreeVPN, etc.

-You are not advised to use an IPv6 proxy. Important: It is impossible to use ipv6 on the social network Vkontakte.

Outcome: use high-quality proxies servers. According to the rules of our store - when authorizing 2 or more accounts, you must use different proxies servers.

2. Use different devices when logging into multiple accounts.

The problem: when you log in to multiple accounts from 1 device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.), then all of your accounts can be blocked.

Solution: use various profile programs and services.

What are NOT different devices:

-Extensive browser window and incognito mode

-Cleaning cookies in browsers

-Different browsers

What are the different devices:

-Computer, second computer

-Phone, second phone

-Special program for entering accounts

-Changing UserAgent in the browser and other follow-up actions by the browser

3. Limits and humanlike actions.

The problem: if you immediately start doing mass operations on an account (making thousands of likes, sending hundreds of messages, etc.), then your accounts will quickly be blocked.

Solution: for a less secure operation, you must first perform some common actions that a normal person would do after registering. Example: fill out the page, subscribe to several people, put a few likes, fill out the page, fill in some photos, make a few reposts, comments, etc.